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about us (a brief history of GABO):


Metaalbedrijf GABO was established in Amsterdam on 1 April 1958.

In addition to the sale of rims, our core business became stud hole repair, dent removal, alignment services and the welding of cracks. Until the eighties, split rims with inner tubes were the standard wheel rims used. These rims were then replaced by single-piece tubeless rims.


At the same time, the mounting of rims on cars changed. Nuts with centring washers were replaced with flat seat captive washers, thus making the central hole in the rim responsible for the centring process. As a result of these developments, GABO experienced a shift in the kind of work done: deformed stud holes, either caused by the frequent retightening of wheel nuts or by loose wheel nuts, occurred less frequently, but made way for cracks that formed in the material surrounding the stud holes.

It took years for mechanics and truckers to get used to this new way of mounting. For GABO, this obviously meant a lot of work, as did the production of special earth-moving, agricultural and trailer wheel rims for renowned producers of tyres.


In the nineties, we included industrial wheel rims in our delivery program. Especially custom-made rims for fork-lift trucks brought in a lot of extra work for us. In addition, the demand grew for track width widening or narrowing rims for special applications, for instance for glazing vans with loads alongside the wheels.


At the turn of the century, there was an increase in the workload from abroad, especially from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A lot of customers from these countries are drivers of army trucks, particularly trucks of the legendary Austrian brand Steyr, that are being converted into campers. During overhaul work, these durable trucks are equipped with modern tyres that can be changed on the road in a relatively easy way.




customization & repair services:


increasing/decreasing offset (adjusting track width)

changing stud hole patterns

boring central holes

counterboring/countersinking stud holes

restoring/partially replacing cracked rims,

with official inspection report, if desired

repairing dented rims

alignment of rims with oscillations, imbalances and vibrations

strengthening of vulnerable parts of heavy loaded rims

blasting, metallizing and powder coating in any RAL colour

restoring old-timer rims







truck and trailer wheel rims

industrial wheel rims

agricultural wheel rims

forklift wheel rims

loose rings for split rims

loose rim centres, spacer rings, adapter rings

loose rims

demounted rims (as good as new), used rims, reconditioned rims







tyre companies

transport companies


trailer manufacturers

truck service companies

camper manufacturers

port companies

bus companies

suppliers of forklift trucks, mobile cranes, agricultural machinery, overhead bridges, sweepers, etc.

suppliers of rims

heavy transport

armed forces

big wheel builders



Note: In case your vehicle is not equipped with a spare wheel, please inform us of the rim type and/or vehicle. This enables us to provide you with a quote for a new or reconditioned rim. In the unlikely event of stagnation within your company as a result of a defective rim, it goes without saying that we will help you to get your company operational again as soon as possible. We know from experience that many earth-moving machines, mobile cranes and adapted vehicles are not equipped with spare wheels.


Saving on spare wheels will immediately lead to extra costs when your company experiences stagnation!



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